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Governing Bodies


Corporate Board Members

 Governing Body Members

Chris Benson-Secretary/Treasurer

Elicia Marshall-Member

Laura Burk-Vice President

 Stephanie Nix- Member

Stephanie Nix-Chair

Chris Benson- Chair

Robert Nilles- President

Jerry Salcedo- Member

Tim Gonzales-Ex-Officio

 Susan Nachtigall- Member


Rich Marstella- Member

  Dr. Diane Venrick-Member 
  Dennis Bloodworth-Member

Governing Body Meeting Notice

 Governing Body meetings will  be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. unless otherwise noticed.  
These meetings will be held at Paradise Honors High School located at 12775 N. 175th Ave. Surprise, AZ 85388.  

Paradise Schools Site Council
The Paradise Schools  Site Council shall be made up of at least 3 parents of students enrolled in the School who are not employed by the school, 3 teachers, 1 non-certified staff member and 1 community member. The Paradise Schools Council shall monitor and make recommendations for school improvement, school safety issues, curriculum and instructional strategies and designs, parent/educator relations, extra curricular activities and school uniforms. The Paradise Schools Council shall ensure that its recommendations shall be consistent with the School's mission, goals, beliefs, and policies adopted by the Corporate Board or Governing Council. The Paradise Schools Council shall make its recommendations to the principals and the Executive Director. The Paradise Schools Council has no authority of the Corporation and cannot bind the Corporation.

PEC Site Council Members
Lisa Ghigo - Parent member

Amy Nicolini - Parent member
Santee Graves - Parent member
Kelly Stoddard - Community member
Rachel Puuri - Teacher member
Deanna Verry - Teacher member
Elizabeth Daniel - Teacher member
Cheryl Hamilton - Classified staff member
 Site Council Meeting Date: Monday, May 22nd at 3:30pm
in the PEC Campus Boardroom

All public meetings will be posted 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. The meeting notices will be posted in the main office at Paradise Education Center and Paradise Honors High School as well as on this website.
Everyone is welcome at any of these meetings
Click here to see our proposed FY17 budget and hearing notification

PEC Campus
15533 W. Paradise Lane
Surprise, AZ 85374

PEC, K-5 Elementary School

PECMS, 6-8 Middle School

PHHS, 9-12 High School
PHHS Campus
12775 N. 175th Avenue
Surprise, AZ 85388