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Special Education Services

Special Education services are based on the individual needs of a student through the Individual Education Plan developed by a team of professionals including the parents and student. Services are delivered in the least restrictive environment based on each student’s individual needs. The continuum of special education services range from the general classroom to homebound services.

Special Education Services

Paradise Schools provides services for student who are eligible under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The areas of eligibility for persons from ages 3 - 21 are:

Ø  Autism

Ø  Developmental Disability

Ø  Cognitive Disabilities

Ø  Hearing Impairment

Ø  Learning Disability

Ø  Multiple Disabilities

Ø  Physical Disabilities

Ø  Emotional Disability

Ø  Speech-Language Disability

Ø  Traumatic Brain Injury

Ø  Vision Impairment

Ø  Other Health Impairment

If your student is not being successful, contact your teacher and discuss your concerns. Student concerns/problems are taken to the Academic Resource Team (ART), where the team develops intervention/strategies for student success.  You are a part of this team and we value your input.
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