September 20, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are proudly celebrating our 20th year of educating students, and have also grown at the largest rate in Paradise Schools’ history. This growth has allowed us to provide a larger variety of programs and welcome so many new students and families. Some of those families have waited years to be part of Paradise Schools. We are proud of our staff, students and parents who remain positive and committed to the vision of Paradise Schools.

As with any expansion, there is bound to be unforeseen challenges along the way. As we opened this school year, some of these challenges have kept us from opening our middle school campus as scheduled. We hoped to move students this October; however, we have recently learned that due to additional delays in obtaining street construction permits the time frame will be extended into the second quarter. Just like the first quarter, we will continue to divide our middle school by grade levels and house students on the PHES and PHHS campus.

Although we started the school year sharing space, we have seen tremendous collaboration and patience from our students, staff and families. We ask for your continued patience as we wait for our middle school campus to be completed. We will remain committed to providing all of our students the best learning experience possible. The accommodations made available for families to ease the inconvenience of the construction delay will remain in place. We thank you for being part of this very exciting time in Paradise Schools’ history, and look forward to maintaining a successful partnership with all of our students and families.

Best Regards,

The Paradise Schools Leadership Team