2018-2019 Paradise Schools Enrollment Lottery Procedure
Lottery Procedure
In the event there are more students who desire to attend Paradise Schools than there are seats available, a lottery will be held to determine your wait list number. This is done in accordance to A.R.S 15-184.
The lotteries / wait-lists are per school, school year, programming and grade. Our wait lists do not roll over from year to year; parents with students on a wait-list for the current school year must complete the open enrollment lottery process for the next school year.
Applicable Enrollment & Lottery Dates for the upcoming school year:
  • Open Enrollment and Sibling applications to be processed in the lottery will be available for submission from January 26, 2018 – February 26, 2018.
  • Returning students re-enrollment will be available for submission from January 26, 2018 – February 26, 2018.
  • Open Enrollment & Sibling lottery wait-lists will be made available March 26, 2018.
  • Any applications received after February 26, 2018 will be placed on the wait-list below the lottery students in a first come first serve pattern according to the date they were received.
  • Paradise Schools will not enroll new students after the 100th day of school for the applicable school year and the current wait list will be closed. If your student is still on the wait list, you will need to re-apply for the upcoming school year.
  • Only applications submitted by 4:00 pm on Monday, February 26, 2018 will be included in the lotteries.
***Paradise Honors Elementary School*** requires a fee for our full day kindergarten programming. Parents will have the option to enroll in the half day (AM only) or the full day kindergarten program. The half day program will offer students the minimum requirements as outlined by the state of Arizona. To ensure our students get a more robust and comprehensive kindergarten learning experience, we will offer Cub’s Academy as the second part of the school day.  Cub’s Academy will have a $100 monthly fee that will ensure every student enrolled in the full day program is afforded the most well rounded and enhanced academic environment.***
Wait-list/Acceptance Procedure
When an opening occurs, families on the wait-list will be contacted via SchoolMint and the following procedures will be implemented:
  • Within 48 hours of the SchoolMint contact via phone call, text, and/or email, the family must notify Paradise Schools of their interest in accepting/applying for the opening.
  • Once accepting the seat, an enrollment packet will be delivered via email to be returned to the appropriate school’s registrar along with the following documents for their student: Parent/guardian driver’s license, proof of AZ residency (AZ driver’s license, utility bill), student birth certificate, immunizations, most recent report card, any prior and current academic records such as test scores, and a copy of the most recent IEP/504 (if applicable).
All Kindergarten students must also provide the nonrefundable $150 registration fee at this time.
  • Once these documents have been submitted to the school, a school official will contact the family within one business day to determine final school enrollment. When offering enrollment, Paradise Schools will ensure that an appropriate opening is available in the program that meets the educational needs of the student. If there is no availability in the grade level/program that meets the student’s needs the student will remain on the wait list until an appropriate opening occurs. Students are not officially enrolled until all paperwork has been received, reviewed, and the proper notification from the school official has occurred. Please do not withdraw your child from their current school until all of the above procedures have occurred.

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