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4 Day School Week FAQ


Here are some frequently asked questions by parents, guardians, and staff regarding implementing a 4-day school week. The aim is to provide clarity and address any concerns you may have.


Q. What is the first day of school for the 2024-2025 school year?

A. August 5th, 2024


Q. When is the last day of school for the 2024-2025 school year?

A. May 22nd, 2025


Q. When is fall break?

A. October 7 through October 11, 2024


Q. When is Thanksgiving Break?

A. November 25 through November 29, 2024


Q. When is Winter Break?

A. December 23 through January 3, 2025


Q. When is Spring Break?

A. March 10 through March 14, 2025


Q. What will school hours be?

A. School hours are as follows:

         Paradise Honors Elementary School 7:45 am – 2:30 pm

         Paradise Honors Middle School School 7:10 am – 2:15 pm

         Paradise Honors High School 7:50 am – 2:40 pm


Q. Will all the schools be closed on Fridays?

A. The entire district, schools, and offices will be closed on Fridays.


Q. Is there any programming offered for children on Fridays?

A. For families in need, care on Fridays will be available for students in grades K-5.


Q. What will happen to after-school programs at the schools?

A. Before and after school programs will continue. Exact schedules will be forthcoming.


Q. Will the high school have after-school athletic practices Monday – Friday?

A. Coaches may choose to practice on Friday. 


Q. How will the change impact Exceptional Student Services?

A. Students who have been identified as exceptional will not be impacted. Additionally, their education will continue to be tailored to their specific needs.


Q. How will this schedule impact students who qualify for free and reduced lunch services? 

A. On Thursday, students will be given extra food to bring home.


Q. When will we be able to see the proposed calendar?

A. The proposed calendar for the 2024-2025 school year is posted on our website here.



Four-day information and school calendar will be located on our website here.